Who I am.

I was born and raised in the city of Buenos Aires, but I moved to Gijón in Spain before I settle down in London several years ago, where now I live and work.

I studied graphic design for advertising at the New School of Art and Design in Buenos Aires and I´ve been working in the graphic arts for over 20 years at many companies and also as a freelancer.

Also I started a business on designing book covers, and I have written a companion book on the subject called Perfect Book Covers, which is being translated into English and is due to be released at the end of October 2016.

I have a range of diverse interests from cooking and camping, space exploration, to Italian opera. I also love sailplanes and plans to get my licence once I has sold enough books. 🙂

But my real passion is for writing. Right now I´m the author of 5 books, all written in Spanish, which are being translated into English bit by bit. My space opera series, The Labours of Iktis, is an exciting blend of space exploration and futuristic battles.





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My work as a graphic designer



My Books in English so far

I have six book in Spanish language Three as part of my Space Opera series; and now I´m ready to start the adventure of translate my books to English.
The first translated book is my cornerstone Science Fiction Novel: The Labours of Iktis, a space opera and a big dumb object adventure where humanity will be under siege due an attack of an alien force.

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«A distant moon in the outer solar system, holds the key to a mystery, which has remained dormant for millions of years.

A man will have to revive the distant past and risk everything to prevent an ancient evil from fulfilling its vengeance.

You will discover that life is an endless cycle, and that the battles unfought are the only ones lost.

The fate of conscious races is in your hands… again.

An interrupted battle. A lost love. A new beginning.»

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Also you can download for free the eBook with the side story; the appendices of my series: Phaeton, the dead of the fifth planet of our solar system; where you will find the hidden history about a planetary disaster that brought chaos to the whole solar system. And how an advanced civilisation, inhabitant of Phaeton had left their mother planet behind to follow an insecure path among the stars.

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Perfect Book Covers –  A free eBook to help you to design the best book cover for your book

print-3d1-copyMy new book specially focus on writers whom wish to design their own book covers. I want to help to improve the quality of your cover, even if you decide not to use my services. A better cover will allow you to sell more books. In my book I will give you all the professional tools to create the best face for your book.










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I promise to answer all messages. 🙂

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